Instructions, Forms & Policies

Instructions, Forms & Policies

Disability Information Form     

Information Exchange Authorization     

1. To take online exams with testing accommodations, email your Determination of Accommodations letter to your instructors at the beginning of each semester.

2. For exams that need to be proctored by Accessibility Services:

     a. Fill out the Accessible Testing Request Form at least seven days before your exam, and two weeks before your final.
     b. Maintain communication with the Accessible Testing office and your instructor up to your exam date.

3. Please see below to determine when you should submit a request form to the Accessible Testing office.

Online Exams

1. Share your Determination of Accommodations letter with your professors.

2. If your testing accommodation is for extended time only, you do not need to submit a Google Form. Remind your professor of your extended time accommodation so he/she can adjust it on Blackboard.

3. If you have other testing accommodations, submit an Accessible Testing Request Form for each exam at least one week before the date of the exam.

4. Your exam will be scheduled with Zoom proctoring. You will be notified via Google Calendar and your horizon email.

On-Campus Exams

1. Share your Determination of Accommodations letter with your professors.

2. Submit our Accessible Testing Request Form for each exam at least one week before the date of the exam.

3. You will receive an email the night before your scheduled exam with the location of your exam.

4. At the time of the exam, you are required to wear a mask at all times at the testing location, unless you are in a room alone.

Textbooks & Course Materials in Accessible Format


Important Announcement:

Effective March 16, 2020, the Accessible Media team will be fulfilling all requests entirely virtually.  Please email with any concerns, questions, and general inquiries. Phone and Video conference appointments can be arranged as needed.

Request Forms

Fall 2021 requests are accepted beginning April 12 through December 8, 2021. Requests must be received by 4/26/21 for priority consideration. Submit your request here:

The Accessible Media team aims to complete all priority textbook requests prior to the start of semester. Late textbook requests will be fulfilled as resources allow and in the order that they are received. You are not required to submit any additional paperwork with your textbook request. Receipts may be submitted at a later date; however textbooks will not be released to until proof of purchase is verified.

You must be enrolled in courses to submit your request. If there are special circumstances preventing you from enrolling, please notify Accessible Media in the "Comments" portion of the textbook request form.

Visit the Pioneer Bookstore to gather required textbook information. If textbook information is not available at the time of your request, please indicate in the request the exact language indicated on the textbook website:

  • No book required
  • Course Materials are being finalized
  • No bookstore supplied materials. See Instructor.
  • Course materials have not been determined

ITS Accessibility Book Drop (unavailable as of 03/16/20):

If the Accessible Media team requests to scan in your physical textbook for purposes of converting into accessible format, please utilize the secure ITS Accessibility Drop Off box located outside of LI 2800 (ITS Offices). This secure lock box is monitored several times throughout the workday by our staff. Simply complete the "drop off card" available at the drop box and insert into your textbook (alternately you can email that you have left your book). Our team will provide an email update as soon as the item is retrieved and provide email updates during the scanning process. 

ITS Accessibility book drop off located outside of LI 2800 ITS Accessibility Book Drop Cabinet view


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