Tips and Resources for Students

If you have not yet met with one of our accessibility counselors and would like more information about our services, please go to our New Students page. Whether you're a newly-admitted or continuing student, there are many resources on and off campus that can assist you. Below is a list of those resources.

Remote Learning Tips & Resources

Tips & Resources

On-Campus Resources

Applying & Newly-Admitted Students

Admissions | (510) 885-2784

After You Have Been Accepted | (510) 885-2784

Registering for Classes | (510) 885-2784

Early Start Program | (510) 885-3910

Academic Advising

Freshmen and Sophomore Success Team (FASST) | (510) 885-2941

Advising for New Transfers(510) 885-3621

Advising for Continuing Students | (510) 885-3621

Major Advising (Contact Info for Majors)

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Financial Aid Information | (510) 885-2784

Pioneer (University) Scholarships | (510) 885-2784

Disability-Related Scholarship Information | (888) 972-3648

Student Services

Veterans Student Services | (510) 885-3669

Tutoring (SCAA - Student Center for Academic Achievement) | (510) 885-3674

Health & Counseling Services | (510) 885-3735 (Also for after-hours psychiatric care)

All Other Student Services

Off-Campus Resources

Learning Disability Testing
| Classes for students who believe they might have a learning disability

Department of Rehabilitation | For degree-seeking students with individualized services and plans to lead to meaningful employment.

ADA Pacific Center | Provides education and technical assistance for both people with disabilities and the business community.

Mental Health Association of Alameda County | Serves those with mental health challenges in Alameda County.

Mental Health Services of Contra Costa County | Serves those with mental health challenges in Contra Costa County.

Community Resources for Independent Living | Services include housing assistance and independent living skills training.

PEERS | Provides WRAP groups, Transitional Age Adult (16-24) support, peer support groups and peer partner programs. 

Ed Roberts Campus | Dedicated to disability rights and universal access.