Health Insurance Information



California State University East Bay (CSUEB) requires that F-1 & J-1 visa students purchase and maintain adequate health insurance coverage during their period of enrollment at Cal State East Bay. 

CSUEB provides a preferred health insurance vendor and does not accept alternative insurance health plans. 


Understanding Student Insurance Coverage

Academic Health Plans (AHP) is a broker that connects CSUEB with insurance companies that offer comprehensive, affordable health insurance plans. You will purchase your health insurance plan on the AHP's website

The insurance company for 2023-2024 academic year is Wellfleet and the network is Cigna.


Health Insurance

To purchase insurance watch our overview video here or:

  1. Go to:
  2. Continuing Students will select Access My Account
  3. On the Enroll/Cost page, select Online Enrollment then International Online Enrollment
  4. Proceed with purchasing your plan. Please note it will ask for "credit hours", you can use any number between 1-99 as it does not pertain to you.
  5. After your purchase, please forward your confirmation email to You MUST include your NETID in your email.
  6. Your hold will be removed in 1-2 business days.

IMPORTANT NOTE- A non-refundable 3% fee will be charged for all credit card transactions. There is no charge for a ACH payment (electronic fund transfer from a US Bank)

F-1 students will always have a health insurance hold on their MyCSUEB account. When you purchase insurance, the hold will be moved to a future term, it will not be removed. It is important that you check the Health Insurance Hold information to see which term the hold is preventing you from enrolling.

To Move Your Health Insurance Hold

  1. Purchase your insurance plan
  2. Email proof (forward the receipt) and include your full name and NETID to
  3. Processing time is generally 1-2 BUSINESS days but may take longer during busy periods. PLAN AHEAD

Students will not receive insurance cards by mail. You will need to create an account with Wellfleet to download a copy of your insurance card. It is important that you download, print and carry the insurance card with you at all times.

You can also download the Wellfleet Student Mobile App.

Students should finalize their study plans for the semester before requesting a refund. The 3% administration fee for credit cards is non-refundable. 

Students who have filed a claim with their insurance or who submit a refund request after the refund deadline are not eligible for a refund.

In addition, refunds are only provided to students, who have withdrawn from CSUEB and did not use the health insurance plan during the period of enrollment.  Students may not attend classes during the semester then request a refund for the remaining months

Requesting a Refund

  1. Drop all classes
  2. Email with the following information: 
    1. Full Name
    2. NETID


You must submit your request for a refund within 30 days of the coverage start date.

Eligibility, How to Enroll, Benefits, Costs and Dates can be found the the Plan Highlight Flyer

More detailed information related to your insurance plan can be found in the Benefits at A Glance

Telehealth and Behavioral Health Services are available for students who are enrolled in the plan.

The Pharmacy Benefits Manager for you plan is with Wellfleet.

F-2 dependents are strongly encouraged to purchase health insurance for their time in the USA. F-2's are strongly encouraged to enroll in our school sponsored plans.

You are still eligible to purchase the insurance coverage while on OPT. 

  1. Go to:
  2. Select Begin Enrollment
  3. On the Enroll/Cost page, select Online Enrollment then OPT Enrollment.
  4. You will be prompted for your HORIZON email address and the school should auto populate. Select Next.
  5. Sign in to your account
  6. Proceed with purchasing your plan.

Insurance Exceptions

If you are receiving health insurance coverage through an employer-sponsored plan (i.e. US policy through an employer or your spouse/parent's employer sponsored insurance), provide documentation of your current insurance policy to be vetted for approval. Please note your insurance coverage must begin on or before the first day of classes for the term you are applying for. Plans that begin after the first day of classes for the term you are applying for will not be approved.

You will be required to submit this documentation every semester!

Repatriation and Medical Evacuation Insurance

The university requires all F-1 students to purchase repatriation/evacuation insurance to ensure they have the resources necessary to return to their home country in the event of a catastrophic event or to have their remains returned to their country should an accident occur resulting in a student's death. F-1 students are in non-immigrant status and are therefore subject to this requirement. You will be instructed to purchase the Academic Emergency Services Plan through AHP to complete this requirement. 

**Plan Ahead**

To Request a Waiver due to Employee-Sponsored Insurance

  1. Obtain an electronic copy of your Summary of Benefits and Proof of Insurance (that includes your name on the policy and eligibility dates.)
  2. E-mail the following to  
    1. Your full name, NETID and Date of Birth
    2. Copy of both sides of your health insurance ID card
    3. Your full insurance policy 
    4. Employer health insurance enrollment confirmation email
    5. Proof of your relationship to the primary health insurance holder if you are not the primary.
      • Marriage Certificate
      • Birth Certificate
      • Certificate of Registration of Domestic Partnership 
  3. The review process may take up to 3-5 business days.
  4. If approved, you will be required to purchase the Academic Health Plan's Medical Evacuation & Repatriation (AES) plan. Instructions will be provided by the health insurance team after approval.
  5. Once you have purchased the plan, please inform
  6. Your hold will be moved once we receive confirmation of the Medical Evacuation and Repatriation plan purchase.

The following types of insurance will NOT be accepted for waivers: 

  • Travel Insurance 
  • Short-term medical plans 
  • Socialized medicine policies, including Canadian policies 
  • International insurance plans are underwritten in a country outside of the United States
  • California Medi-Cal or out-of-state Medicaid health plans 

If you are a current student who has a financial guarantee (SACM, Kuwait), you may qualify for a waiver upon submission of the FG.

  1. E-mail proof of your government-sponsored scholarship that includes reference to your health insurance to  Include your full name and NetID in your email.
  2. The review process may take 3-5 days
  3. The hold will be moved for the period of coverage listed.

Coverage Dates for each semester

Insurance holds are permanent on your student record. Your holds will automatically be moved to a future term based on the expiration date of the insurance plan you purchased. Email if you have any questions.

CSUEB Academic Calendar
Term Starts End
Annual 2023-2024 06/01/2023 05/31/2024
Summer and Fall 2023 06/01/2023 12/31/2023
Summer 2023 06/01/2023 08/09/2023
Fall 2023 08/10/2023 12/31/2023
Spring 2024 01/01/2024 05/31/2024

**Please note: You will always have a hold for international student health insurance. The hold will be moved to a future term based on your health insurance coverage dates. Please be sure to click on "details" to see which specific semester your hold is preventing you from enrolling for.


Have Any Questions?

Please contact our office if you have any questions about the international student health insurance requirement.