Keelin Jardin, M.S., CTRS, RTC

Keelin Jardin has been in the field of recreation and hospitality for the past 20 years as a program assistant, teacher, activity director, and lecturer. Keelin was added to the Hospitality, Recreation, and Tourism department in the spring of 2016 as a Recreation Therapy lecturer. She received her Bachelors of Science in Recreation with a concentration in Recreation Therapy in 2008 at CSUEB. In 2010, she completed her Masters of Science in Recreation and Tourism also at CSUEB.  For the past nine years, Keelin has worked in a senior community leading activities as the Program Services Manager. Keelin has worked to enhance the profession by joining professional boards that are advocating for Recreation Therapy licensure. She has been a board member for California Parks and Recreation Society in the Recreation Therapy section. For the past three years Keelin has held the position of secretary /treasurer and has recently moved into the position of president. She has spoken at conferences to promote and inform the public about the Recreation Therapy profession, internships, guided meditation and prevention through play practices. In her free time she likes to write poetry, read, hike, swim, bike, and spend time with her family. Keelin is thankful to be a part of the HRT department at CSUEB and hopes to help advance the profession through inspiring and motivating students to be active members of their communities.