Recital Performances

Types of Recitals

Studio Recital

A recital performance scheduled by the student’s applied music instructor that includes other students from the applied music instructor's studio. There is no jury for performing a Studio Recital.

Noon Recital

A recital performance on the Tuesday/Thursday University Hour Noon Recital series sponsored by the Department. There is no jury for performing on a Noon Recital.

Junior and Senior Recitals

A recital performance scheduled by the student in coordination with their applied music instructor that acts as public verication of Level 3 competency (junior level), or Level 4 competency (senior level). A successful Degree Recital Jury is a prerequisite. See the Juries page for more information.

Ad Hoc Recital

A recital performance scheduled by the student that does not qualify as a Noon Recital, Studio Recital, or Junior and Senior Recital. Ad Hoc and Ensemble recitals do not count towards a fulllment of the recital requirement. This includes recitals scheduled as part of courses outside of the student’s applied music course. There is no jury for performing on an Ad Hoc Recital.

How To Schedule
Composition Recitals/Concerts follow a separate procedure and are scheduled by the composition faculty. Composers are welcome to schedule Noon and ad hoc recitals in addition to these area concerts.

Recital Requirements per Applied Level

Applied Level

Required Performance

Level 1a None
Level 1b Studio Recital
Level 2a None
Level 2b Noon Recital
Level 3a Noon Recital
Level 3b

Noon Recital or Junior Recital *Students who successfully perform a Junior Recital may continue to Level 4a. Students who opt to perform a Noon Recital instead of a Junior Recital at the end of 3b will not continue to Level 4a.

Level 4a Noon Recital
Level 4b Senior Recital