Research, Scholarship, Creative Activity Support Grants

Frequently Asked Questions

As long as there are no significant changes in your approved and funded scope of work, you may submit requests to make changes to your budget.  Please use the budget revision template and submit no later than February 5, 2024.   You must secure approval prior to implementing any budget changes.

Only approved travel that is directly related to achieving the scope of the funded project, such as field work, is allowed. Travel to a conference is not supported by RSGs and must be charged to other sources that will pay for such expenses.
Please ensure that a travel authorization form is completed and approved prior to travel.  Travel reimbursements for faculty are processed via Certify.  

Awardees are required to submit progress reports three times:  6 months from the start date, 12 months from the start date and 18 months from the start date.  These are submitted via InfoReady (the same system used when submitting applications to the grant program)

If you are conducting research and using human subjects, you will need to submit a human subjects research protocol and obtain approval before beginning your research and collecting data.

Questions can be submitted to or contact Tina Avilla (IRB Coordinator) at 510-885-4476 or christine.avilla@csueastbay.eduPlease reference the Institutional Review Board website for more information.


You are strongly discouraged from making purchases on your own, given the many rules and restrictions on certain items.  We cannot guarantee reimbursement and therefore advise you to consult with ORSP if you need assistance.  Items can be purchased through your department P-Card if they are approved budget items.  Other charges may be procured through our campus Procurement department.  All are subject to CSU and CSUEB policies and procedures.