Post Award

The Post-Award Team assists investigators with grant-funded expenses, reimbursements, payments, subcontracts and various other post-award related forms.  In addition, they serve as a resource for requirements at the post-award stage, including but not limited to new award orientation, conflict of interest disclosures and training, subrecipient processing and payments, release time reimbursements to colleges, faculty additional compensation payments, staff and student payments, and various other post-award related issues. 

Post-Award Toolkit

ORSP has put together a Post Award Toolkit to assist with grant spending and instructions/policies to reference.  There are links to information and documents that can help answer some common questions and provide guidance related to managing your award through Cal State East Bay.  For additional assistance, please contact


Post-Award Processes:

Quick Facts

  • Common Expense Account Codes for Grants and Contracts
  • Meals Reimbursement Cap: $55/day
  • Federal GSA Mileage Rate:  (changes annually) $0.58/mile  2021
  •                                                                                        $0.585/miile 2022

Post Award Contacts

Jennifer Cabrejas
Director, Grant Administration
(510) 885-4006

  • post award general questions
  • research incentive payments

Yashmeen Imroz
Post Award Specialist
(510) 885-4229

  • monthly reports
  • student hires
  • stipends/scholarships
  • expense transfers
  • purchase requests/ requisitions
  • invoices

Mark Vidal
Compliance Specialist
(510) 885-3738

  • subcontracts TO other agencies
  • subcontract monitoring
  • independent contractor agreements
  • effort certifications
  • match certifications
  • CITI/Conflict of Interest training
  • grant purchased property/equipment