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In Spring 2020 ORSP implemented Cayuse, the web-based platform for managing grant submissions and IRB protocols. Cayuse has streamlined and expedited grant and research processes and provides an online collaborative space. With Cayuse, you have 24/7 access and log in using your CSUEB log in credentials (SSO).

See information and links below.  

Proposal Development

Cayuse SP is the proposal and award administration module that is used to compile information for proposals, electronically route for approvals, monitor proposal status, and release/manage the resulting awards. 


Cayuse Human Ethics (IRB) for human subjects research provides an online space for IRB protocol submission, and for IRB review and approval.  For instructions on how to submit an IRB protocol using Cayuse, please see Protocol Submission.


Please check our calendar of events on the main ORSP page for the schedule of Cayuse workshops.