About Us

Compliance & Internal Audit, RM Insurance, Field Trips, Youth Protection, Emergency Management & Business Continuity

Tom Poon, AVP Risk Management & Internal Control, (510)885-2841, tom.poon@csueastbay.edu

Audrey Katzman, Audits and Compliance Manager, (510)885-4326, audrey.katzman@csueastbay.edu

Preauna Hunter, Risk Management Coordinator, (510)885-3833, preauna.hunter@csueastbay.edu

Environmental Health and Safety

Lyanh Luu, Director EH&S, (510)885-4138, lyanh.luu@csueastbay.edu

Rick Palermo, EHS Coordinator, (510)885-2910, rick.palermo@csueastbay.edu

Ergonomics, AED Program

Thomas Sneed, Ergonomic Compliance and Training Coordinator, (510)885-7687, thomas.sneed@csueastbay.edu

Support Srevices

Dayrll Lewis, Manager-Support Services, (510)885-2120, dayrll.lewis@csueastbay.edu

Lisa Booker, Asset Management Analyst/Specialist,(510)885-4291, lisa.booker@csueastbay.edu

Matt O'Keefe, Property Clerk, (510)885-4256, matthew.okeefe@csueastbay.edu

Bryan Hill, Shipping and Receiving, (510)885-3703, bryan.hill@csueastbay.edu

Darryl Muhammad, Shipping and Receiving, (510)885-3703, darryl.muhammad@csueastbay.edu

Jorge Vallejo, Shipping and Receiving, (510)885-3703, jorge.vallejo@csueastbay.edu