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Ergonomics is the study of the relationship between people, their work, and their work environment. The purpose of CSU East Bay's Ergonomics Program is to promote employee health by decreasing workplace exposure to ergonomic risk factors.

Ergonomic assessments are available to all staff, faculty, and student assistants by request.  It is encouraged that all employees take advantage of this service, especially for any discomfort or difficulty experienced while working.  Additionally, ergonomic consultations can be useful for office moves, furniture changes, new computer equipment, or to be proactive.

Click HERE to request an ergonomic assessment.

In addition to individual ergonomic assessments, we offer ergonomic group classes, back safety classes, stretching/exercise instruction, and consultations about furniture or equipment to all University staff and faculty, regardless of job type, regardless of ability.  All activities can be modified to comply with any requirements for precautionary measures concerning social interaction.

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