Certificates Of Insurance

University departments requiring evidence of insurance or additional covered party endorsements for an activity or event must contact Risk Management at (510) 885-3833 or email riskmanagement@csueastbay.edu for assistance.  Please allow 2 weeks to process any request for proof or certificates of insurance although we frequently are able to process in less time.

Please have available the following required information to request a Certificate of Insurance or Proof of Insurance.

  • Specify whether coverage is requested for general liability or worker’s compensation or both.
  • For evidence of coverage only provide name and address of certificate holder, limits requested, dates of coverage required, description of activities requiring coverage.
  • For additional insured endorsement provide name and address of additional insured, limits requested, dates of coverage required (from and to dates), description of activities requiring additional insured status, written request by property owner to be listed as an additional insured.