Chemical Safety

It is well recognized that employees have both a right and a need to know about the physical and chemical hazards associated with the materials they work with at CSUEB. Cal OSHA provides the regulatory framework for employers to protect employees through the Hazard Communication and Laboratory Chemical Hygiene Plan standards.

Hazard Communication Program (HCP) is designed to provide employees with the critical health and safety information they need so they can take steps to reduce exposure and establish safe work practices. The program's requirements include maintaining chemical inventories, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) or Safety Data Sheets (SDS), container labeling, and training.

The Laboratory Safety Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) is used by those working in laboratories in conjunction with the Hazard Communication Program. Cal OSHA and OSHA are aware that laboratories present their own unique set of hazards. The CHP is designed to outline policies, procedures, and responsibilities to protect laboratory workers.