Special Events Insurance

Student & Cosponsored Special Events

Student organizations must notify the Office of Student Life and speak with a program advisor regarding any special student event or activity held on the campus.  A program description/worksheet must be submitted to the Risk Management office for review and evaluation. Risk Assessment Form (RM-30)  Depending on the event, a determination will be made as to the requirement for insurance and/or whether the sponsor and/or any performers need to provide insurance.  If insurance is determined to be necessary, the required coverage's and costs through the campus Special Events program will be provided by the insurance specialist.  The Department/Division/Organization would be responsible to pay insurance premium.

Departmentally cosponsored activities such a soccer camps, baseball clinics, basketball camps, etc. which are not part of the campus instructional program, must have special events insurance.  Coverage is available through the insurance coordinator but, because of the activity, we are unable to bind coverage directly.  Therefore, requests must be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance

Campus Sponsored Special Events

Broad-based campus sponsored events which include third party participants as well as campus faculty, staff and students do not require proof of coverage.  However, a risk assessment form should be submitted to the Risk Management department to determine that the risk of the event warrants insurance coverage.