While it is true there are many buildings at CSUEB with building materials containing asbestos and lead, these materials do not pose a hazard unless they are disturbed. Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) maintains the Asbestos Management Plan, including extensive sampling records and works closely with Facilities Management to assure staff use proper work practices when working with asbestos containing materials.

If you think you have an asbestos or lead disturbance or release, leave the area immediately and notify the Department of Environmental Health and Safety at x5-4138. If no one is available for a 24 hour response, call University Police at x5-3791 and ask Dispatch to contact Lyanh Luu. Please do not leave a voice message, continue calling until you reach a live person to report the incident. Do not return to the area until permitted or the area has been assessed by EHS.

Asbestos Notification

Regulatory Information

Asbestos Management Plan

The Asbestos Management Plan is a three binder document housed in the Department of EHS. If you would like to view and/or copy any portion of the Plan, please contact the Campus Asbestos Manager to arrange for an appointment. Included in the Plan are asbestos locations by building. For your information these are also included below.

Asbestos Locations by Building