Fire & Life Safety

Fire and Life Safety at all CSU Campuses is overseen by the Office of the State Fire Marshal. Inspections of CSUEB buildings are done by the State Fire Marshal coordinated through the Department of EHS and Planning Design & Construction (PDC). Since buildings were built at different times, fire and life safety codes may be different in each building. If you have questions, contact EHS or PDC.

Fire Extinguishers: A student assistant from the Department of EHS inspects all public fire extinguishers monthly. Fire extinguishers located in offices, mechanical rooms, and classrooms must be inspected monthly by the department owner.

Evacuation pathway and exits: Keep these areas clear. Hallways are designed for safe evacuation of building occupants; equipment or furniture placed in hallways permanently must first be approved by the State Fire Marshal.

Housekeeping: Keep combustible materials at a minimum and away from electrical outlets. Store flammable materials in approved container.