Ergonomic Assessments and Self Check

Ergonomic Assessments

Ergonomic Assessments are available to all CSU East Bay Faculty and Staff.  Typically, appointments last about 30 minutes, but can vary depending upon the complexity or nature of the job.  Naturally, if you are having any difficulty you should contact us right away.  However, you do not need to have pain or a problem to request an assessment.  Additionally, for now and the foreseeable future, remote ergonomic assessments are available via phone or video conference, whether at home or on campus.

Click HERE to request an ergonomic assessment.

Office Ergonomics Self-Check

Take a look at your own work area and how you perform in it.  Remember, ergonomics is more than just your equipment.  How you interact with it is equally important.  This self-guided survey is a quick and easy way to assess your environment.  1.  Set up your work area and use it.  2.  Take the self-check survey.  3.  Contact us for assistance if needed.