How Can I Choose HRT As My Major?

Choosing a Major as a Freshman or Transfer Student

As a student applying to CSU East Bay you have the opportunity to declare a major before starting. If you are interested in HRT, this is the easiest way to declare yourself as a major.

Changing My Major If I Am Already a Student on Campus

Congratulations on making the leap to changing your major to HRT! While you may have already started to take classes in HRT, it is important that you make the change official by completing a Change of Major/Minor/Option Form.

Complete the form and bring it to the department office (PE-130) to have it signed and stamped. You will then submit this completed form to the Student Administration Building, the Concord Student Information Lobby, or fax it to the Office of the Registrar at 510-885-3816.

I Think I Want to Choose Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism as My Major, but I'm Not Sure. Is There Someone I Can Talk To?

Yes, HRT faculty and advisors are happy to talk with interested students. There are three different undergraduate programs, Hospitality and Tourism, Recreation, and Recreation Therapy. There is a faculty coordinator for each program. To get more information or set-up an appointment with the program coordinator, please email:

To get more information or set-up an appointment with an advisor, login to Bay Advisor or email