Document Submission Guidelines

Submit all required transcripts, test scores, and any other required documentation by the document deadlines.

We will accept unofficial transcripts and test scores for evaluation purposes to get an admission decision.  If you are admitted, you will be required to submit final official documents before you will be able to enroll in classes.

We do not accept composite transcripts. Courses that appear on one transcript but taken at another institution will need to have transcript sent from that original institution.  

Review the information below on submitting unofficial and official documents. Please note, if you attended school in China or India, see specific document requirements below.

Note: If the name on your application differs from the name on your academic records, please contact the International Admissions Office.

Transcript requirements


Unofficial Transcript Submission for Applicants

The International Admissions Office will use unofficial transcripts during the initial review, with the exception of U.S. transcripts, which must be submitted as official. Submit original language transcript(s) and an English language translation, if the original documents are in a language other than English. Third party evaluations can be accepted for purposes of English translation.

  • Documents will be requested in a unique link sent by email.
  • Organize your documents in chronological order:
    • If you have attended multiple institutions, attach them separately.
    • If you have multiple degrees, attach them separately.
  • File requirements:
    • Accepted file types: .png, .pdf or .jpeg
    • Do not password protect the document
    • Save file name as: Net ID.Institution name (e.g. ab1234.CalStateEastBay)


Official Transcript Submission Guidelines 

All U.S. transcripts should be sent as official. All other official documents (e.g. transcripts, marksheets, degree certificates) will be requested if an offer of admission is extended. The University reserves the right to determine what constitutes an official document.  

Students submitting WES evaluations must request that they be electronically submitted from WES.  WES evaluations are required for students with 3-year degrees from India (not all graduate programs will consider candidates with 3-year degrees- see International Admissions FAQ Q4).  WES evaluations will be accepted for other applicants if they are officially transmitted from WES.


Official documents can be submitted as follows:

By Mail/Courier

Hard copy documents in their original sealed, unopened envelopes, may be mailed to:  International Admissions Office, Cal State East Bay, 25800 Carlos Bee Blvd., SF102, Hayward, CA 94542. 

Electronic Transcripts/Mark Sheets and Degree Certificates

Electronic transcripts must be sent from the institution's registrar's office or office of examinations directly to CSUEB for them to be considered official. Institutions may send electronic transcripts to The International Admissions Office reserves the right to verify the sender of these documents before accepting them as official.  Electronic transcripts that originate from the student's personal email address will not be accepted; those are unofficial.

In Person Drop Off

Hand-delivered in a sealed envelope from the institution to Cal State East Bay’s International Admissions Office located in the Student and Faculty Support building on the Hayward Campus in SF102. 

Any transcripts received in an open or tampered envelope will be considered unofficial. 

Please see guidelines below:

All documents must be submitted in an unopened envelope issued directly from the issuing institution. When sending by U.S. mail, please address to the attention of International Admissions. If submitting electronically, select the option for an electronic transcript to be sent via a third party to Cal State East Bay or PDF copies submitted by an applicant will not be accepted as official.

All academic records issued in a language other than English, must be accompanied by a certified English translation, those guidelines can be viewed below, under the heading Translation Requirements.

  • An "official" document is a document that has been issued by, authenticated by or attested to be a true copy of the original by the awarding university in a closed/sealed envelope.
  • The University reserves the right to determine what constitutes an official document.
  • We do not accept credential evaluations from third-party companies.
  • All records submitted become the property of the University.
  • If you have attended school in China or India, please refer to the Admission Requirements tab for specific document requirements.

Undergraduate Applicants:

Undergraduate applicants from China must submit English and Chinese versions of their senior secondary school transcripts for grades 10-12, as well as their graduation certificate. 

Graduate Applicants:

Graduate applicants from China must submit English and Chinese versions of a graduation certificate, bachelor’s degree certificate and transcripts. We do not consider a “Certificate of Completion” equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree.

Undergraduate Applicants:

Undergraduate applicants from India must submit their grade 10th & 12th examination marks. 

Graduate Applicants:

Graduate applicants from India must submit university attested copies of original academic records: semester mark sheets and/or consolidated mark sheets (must show grades for at least six semesters) and degree certificates. If you have completed a three year bachelor's program, your degree must be completed and not in progress. These attested copies of original academic documents must arrive in our office in a university stamped and sealed envelope.

Official academic documents must be attested by the school to be considered official. Please note: We do not consider transcripts that have been notarized to be official.

Translation requirements

When applying to Cal State East Bay, all applicants that have academic records from outside of the U.S. will be required to submit an unofficial English language translation, if the original language transcript is not in English. If an offer of admission is extended, an official certified English language translation will be required.

Official English language translation requirements

Academic records (transcripts and degree certificates, if applicable) must be prepared in the native language and accompanied by complete, literal English translations prepared by the university’s authorized official, such as the Registrar, Rector, or Recorder. Grade conversions to the U.S. scale are not acceptable. The translation must include the names of all degrees, diplomas, and certificates as they are known in the country of origin.

If a translation cannot be obtained by the issuing institution or appropriate government agency, a sealed copy from a translation service delivered directly to Cal State East Bay can be accepted as an official translation. Applicant is responsible for the cost of translation and postage.

Some acceptable translating agencies may belong to one of the following organizations.

Test score requirements

Unofficial test scores are required for the initial application review. International Admissions only accepts English proficiency test scores (academic versions of TOEFL or IELTS) and ACT/SAT test scores. All other tests required for your application should be submitted directly to your academic department.

If an offer of admission is extended, official test scores will be requested.  

TOEFL and ACT/SAT - We currently accept electronic and hard copy test score reports. Please send electronic test scores to school code 4011.

IELTS - Request electronic scores be sent to: California State University East Bay, International Admissions