Building Evacuation Procedures

Cal State East Bay is committed to being a safe and caring community.
Please be familiar with these procedures. Your appropriate response in the
event of an emergency can help save lives.


Upon notification by alarms, bullhorns, or messenger, immediately notify others nearby who may be unaware, leave your area, go to the nearest building exit, and relocate to your building Assembly Area or an open area 100 feet from building if you are unable to reach the Assembly Area.

Emergency Evacuation

If a building is not posted for fire alarm testing on the entrances, you MUST evacuate the building if the fire alarm goes off. Do not assume it's a false alarm. Potential emergencies such as fire, explosion, spill, chemical releases and other emergencies may require employees to evacuate the building. Your inconvenience is not worth your safety! There are evacuation plans posted on every floor of every building. You can also download. Please familiarize yourself with the evacuation plan for your building and identify the nearest exits. Please also familiarize yourself with the designated meeting site for your building. You need to be a safe distance away from the building in case of an explosion or other hazard. Once you evacuate the building, you must wait at the designated meeting site until you are told it's safe to reenter the building by University Police.

Evacuation Procedures

  1. Exit the building as calmly and quickly as possible using the nearest safe exit. Do not use the elevator.
  2. Direct others, including students in classrooms, and those in the immediate area to evacuate.
  3. Quickly shutdown operating equipment, if it is safe to do so.
  4. Gather your personal belongings, if it is safe to do so.
  5. If safe, close your office door(s), but do not lock them.
  6. Help others in need of assistance.
  7. Move to your building's designated Assembly Area. Do not leave the Assembly Area. You must check in with your BEST team member and let them know you have made it out safely.
  8. Advise designated public safety officials if you suspect that someone is missing, injured or needs assistance to evacuate.
  9. Do not re-enter the building or work area until you have been instructed to do so by designated safety officials. Silencing of alarms does not mean the emergency is over.