If Traveling by Charter Bus or Van

Be sure that the contract for the bus company is processed by the Purchasing/Contracts office to guarantee that the insurance and indemnification requirements have been met. 

If Traveling by Air

Students participating in programs that require air travel must be informed in writing that participation in such program is voluntary.  They must be informed that air travel involves risks to personal safety, that the University assumes no liability for damage, injury or death occurring as a result of such voluntary air travel and that students undertake such travel at their own risk.  They shall be required to execute a Air Travel Release and Hold Harmless Agreement certifying that they have been informed of the risks and undertake such risks voluntarily with full knowledge of the risks.

If Faculty or Staff  Will Be Driving Personal Cars

An Authorization to Use Privately Owned Vehicles on State Business (Std 261) must be completed and filed in the Department Office. It must be renewed annually.

If Students Will be Driving Personal Cars

Identify student drivers. Each student driver must complete the Student Authorization to Operate Privately Owned Vehicle for any University-Affiliated Program or Trip. Be sure insurance information is complete before you countersign. The form must be authorized by the Department Chair/Head and filed in the department office. Contact Risk Management and arrange for Defensive Driver Training.