Presentations & Workshops

University Libraries and the Student Center for Academic Achievement (SCAA) appreciate opportunities to partner with faculty, staff, and student organizations in our outreach efforts. Connecting with students through courses and organizations assists us in better supporting the Cal State East Bay community. All can be delivered in-person or virtually.

Please note that we receive a number of requests, and we typically review submissions collaboratively on a bi-weekly basis (twice per month). Providing a minimum of a two-week lead time for your requested date(s) ensures we can schedule facilitators. Thank you in advance for your consideration.


Ambassador Appearance/Resource Overview (10-15 minutes) 

This is a brief appearance in which ambassadors introduce themselves, describe the role they play within the Library/SCAA, and what services are available (handouts provided). The Ambassador Appearance is a great way for your students to see peer educators in a way that demystifies the need for help.


SCAA Academic Skills Development Workshop (45-, 60-, or 75 minutes)

With the goal of increasing student persistence and self-regulation, the SCAA provides both scheduled and requested workshops for CSUEB students.

Requested Workshop Descriptions

  1. Time Management - tools for managing your time and how to use them effectively
  2. Planning and Prioritization - understanding the syllabus, developing greater self-awareness, and managing priorities and capacity
  3. Campus Communication - how to communicate well with your faculty, creating templates for yourself, using professor office hours
  4. Campus Resources - overview of key campus resources and ways to connect to campus and get the most out of your college experience
  5. Study Skills - how to build an effective study plan especially when you're not given a study guide
  6. Self-Care - finding a balance, knowing yourself better, including how you work and what you need to be successful
  7. Writing Skills - understanding an assignment, completing an application, personal statements, etc.

Additional Resources: Subject Specialists and Critical Information Studies Program

Faculty members can request in-depth course-integrated information literacy instruction from their subject specialists. Students can also register for credit courses through the Critical Information Studies Program. The faculty of the Cal State East Bay University Libraries teach an evidence-based Critical Information Studies Program that supports students’ development of a critical consciousness about the information universe.