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Now recruiting for Fall 2024!

We are recruiting for 2024-2025 Peer Academic Coach positions. 

Application timeline:

  • Application launches Monday, November 6th
  • Application deadline: Friday, February 9th
PAC Recruitment 2022

Why should I apply?

Hear from our coaches! A few of our PACs share their positive experiences with our program.

  • "The thing I like the most about being a PAC is that it has allowed me the opportunity to meet so many great people and gave me a sense of belonging and community on campus." - Roxy
  • "Being a PAC for several years now has taught me the importance of community and resiliency. We have an amazing community that is always building each other up, and has helped me realize my own personal strength in serving our students in higher education. " - AJ
  • "PAC has taught how important it is to be organized. As a PAC staying organized helps you not fall behind and makes balancing being a student while also working a whole lot easier! " - Kindra
  • "I love getting to work with students and seeing them accomplish their goals after trying their best to achieve them. As we work together, I get to see them develop and personalize their methods in a way that benefits them. " - Jennifer
  • "The thing that I like most about PAC is the community. It may be a job but it does not feel like any other job I have ever had. The vibes and the energy that comes from the strongly bonded community are impeccable. It is easier to get to know your co-workers and boss, from the beginning they make sure you feel comfortable in a safe space without judgment and discrimination." - Santiago
  • "As a PAC, I have learned that organization is key. Being organized is not just a skill that is useful in academics, but also in life in general. " - Kathleen
  • "As a PAC, I love how self development goes both ways. I'm not only helping students grow, but I myself am growing into a better person along with them. " - Maryam
  • "I love being able to support students while they are adjusting to college. I know it can be a tough time transitioning. It makes me happy to know that I have helped students feel better about their transition to college. " - Amrita