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Videos to show you how to navigate the enrollment process and university resources step by step. 

How to Search + Add Courses

Following your DAR, Major Roadmap, or plan made by your acadmic advisor is highly recommended. 

How to Drop A Class 

Class dropping may be unavailble without advisor permission during some periods in the semester. Please consult your academic advisor if you have any questions throughout this process. 

How to Access Your Degree Audit Report

CSU Academic Advisement Report. It shows how your transferrable courses apply to your General Education (GE) requirements. GE requirements will be based on the catalog year in effect at the time of your admission to CSUEB. 

The DAR may not include major requirements. Any transferrable courses that would apply to your major’s requirements will be completed by your academic department.

How to Change your Grade Type: 

Change from a letter grade to a Credit/No Credit grade.

How to View University Important Dates

How to Use TES

Use TES to find out which community college courses equate to courses at CSU East Bay. This is useful for taking classes over the summer or if you're not sure how your transfer credit will apply. 

Videos can also be found on the PAC YouTube account @csuebpeeracademiccoach

Academic Advising & Career Education (AACE): Receive guidance from staff on academic and career readiness by getting assistance in understanding program completion requirements, exploring majors, graduate school options, and professional development through career platforms and services.

Bay Advisor: Access this platform to schedule advising appointments, keep track of your current course schedule, view any important advising messages, and communicate with your assigned advisor and instructors for the term.

EOP: The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) is designed to improve access and retention of historically low-income, first-generation, and educationally disadvantaged students. EOP provides students with the resources, tools, and skills to ensure academic and personal success through a variety of academic support services.

GANAS: GANAS is an innovative access and retention program at Cal State East Bay that targets and serves newly arrived freshman and community college transfer students. It provides a supportive environment that focuses on Latina/o and multicultural content, but is open to all students. 

General Education for Semesters: View this guide to learn more about CSUEB's General Education requirements.

GPA Calculator: Calculate your GPA using this Excel spreadsheet that you can download.

Major Roadmap: Check out your major roadmap for a general guide on how and when to complete your degree. 

Sankofa Scholars Program: The Sankofa Scholars Program supports the retention and graduation of our first-year, continuing, and transfer African American Students. It is open to all students and provides a supportive learning environment that focuses on African Diaspora Studies.

CSUEB Financial Aid: Contact our Financial Aid Office for questions and support.

FAFSA Website: Log in to complete your FAFSA online.

Federal Student Aid YouTube Channel: Watch these easy to follow instructional videos for FAFSA and more!

Pioneer Scholarships: Access the Pioneer Scholarships Application portal to view and submit institutional and private scholarships. The Pioneer Scholarship application opens in November and closes in late February.

Student Loan Calculator: Find out what your payment would look like after graduation. 

Loaner Laptops & Hotspots: If you are in need of a laptop or a hotspot for academic work, check one out from the Library.

Pioneers for H.O.P.E: If you are experiencing housing insecurity, food insecurity, or other crisis situations, reach out to Pioneers for H.O.P.E for support.

Easybib: Receive guidance on making your works cited or references for papers and projects.

Google Suites: Access to a variety of productivity apps - have all your school work saved and in one place. 

Good Notes: A note-taking application, designed for taking handwritten notes and annotating PDF documents on iOS devices. 

Khan academy: If you are struggling with a certain topic, check out Khan Academy to receive a better explanation to gain a clearer understanding of it. 

Quizlet: Learn on the go and make flashcards online through any device. 

Scribbr: Receive guidance on making your MLA works cited for papers and projects.

Youtube - Audiobooks: Access to thousands of novels read out loud, and you can listen to a book rather than read it.

CORE Study Rooms: Reserve a study room in the CORE building where you can study, watch lectures, and have meetings. 

Key Study Tips from PAC: Adriana goes over our key study tips.

Library Database: Utilize CSUEB’s library database to support your research.

Transfer Equivalency System (TES): find out which courses you can take at Community College that will transfer to Cal State East Bay (always confirm your choices with an Academic Advisor) Check out our HOW TO VIDEO that walks you through using TES.

Major Roadmap: Check out your Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) major roadmap for a general guide on how and when to complete your degree.