Writing Tutor Programs

Tutoring Options

SCAA Writing Tutors assist with all writing at all stages of the writing process across the curriculum. They can help with making sense of a prompt and starting to brainstorm, developing an outline, discussion board posts, incorporating or synthesizing sources, citations and mechanics, rough drafts, or class presentations, in all subjects.

A student and a SCAA tutor working together on a laptop

One-on-One Tutoring

Schedule a one-time, hour-long appointment through the SCAA's scheduling system (in-person and virtual appointment options). During the Fall and Spring terms, same-day writing tutoring drop-ins are also available in the SCAA (Room 343 of the CORE Building) between 10:00am-5:00pm (Monday through Thursday).

A SCAA tutor drawing diagrams on a whiteboard

Online Writing Lab (OWL)

The SCAA Online Writing Lab (OWL) allows CSUEB students to submit papers online and receive tutor feedback via email.

A promotional image for the SCAA writing associates program

Writing Associates (WA)

The Writing Associate (WA) program embeds a SCAA writing tutor into a course that includes a significant amount of writing. The WA serves as an ally to the students and a liaison to the professor.

SCAAlar Appointments Program

By participating in the “SCAAlar Appointments Program” students can apply for 4 pre-scheduled weekly appointments with the option to renew. Apply here.