Online Writing Lab (OWL)

Two people's hands pointing and typing on a laptop. Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash.

The SCAA Online Writing Lab (OWL) allows CSUEB students to submit papers online and receive tutor feedback via email. We make every effort to return your papers within 48-72 hours after submission, but at heavy use times the response time may be longer. Papers are distributed to our tutors Monday – Friday. Our goal is to help students develop confidence as writers through the convenience of online feedback and collaboration. We are not a proofreading or editing service.

Policies and Guidelines:


Students may submit only ONE paper each 24 hrs.

  • You may only submit work directly related to a class that you are currently taking at CSUEB.
  • We accept papers of any length. However, due to time constraints, tutors may only review 5 to 6 double spaced pages. If feedback is desired for the rest of a document, students should either resubmit to OWL after revising, or make an appointment with a SCAA Writing Tutor.
  • The words and ideas of your submitted paper must be your own and display the use of proper citation style for any supporting evidence or sources when required or appropriate.
  • The SCAA makes every effort to return your paper within 48-72 hours (not including weekends, holidays, and breaks). Be aware that during peak times, such as mid-terms or finals, the demand for OWL services is high; the response time may be longer than 48-72 hours.