Added Authorization


The Supplementary Authorizations, Subject Matter Authorizations and Added Authorizations programs intent is to provide an alternate method of adding a new teaching authorization to allow an individual to teach a class in a subject outside the area in which he or she earned a credential. The Teacher Education Department offers the authorized courses to allow candidates to add additional authorizations. CTC Regulations: leaflet CL-621a / Guidebook

Candidates are subject to additional subject matter competency testing and course work requirements.

Reading and Literacy Added Authorization

Cal State East Bay offers the CTC-approved Reading and Literacy Added Authorization (RLAA). The RLAA authorizes the holder to assess student reading and provide reading instruction in response to those assessments. RLAA holders are also authorized to develop, implement, and adapt the reading content curriculum and assist classroom teachers in these areas. Those applying for the RLAA must possess a basic credential with an English Learner Authorization (e.g., Single Subject, Multiple Subject, or Special Education credentials), successfully complete 14 units of required coursework, and provide verification of three years of successful, full-time teaching experience. The RLAA coursework may be taken prior to completion of three years of teaching and the candidate may apply once the third year of teaching is completed. Please contact Dr. Denise Fleming, Program Coordinator, for more information.

Learn More - Leaflet CL-812