Overview & Welcome


We are pleased that you have joined our community of learners: credential candidates, school site and university supervisors, school site and district administrators, and the teaching faculty at California State University, East Bay (CSUEB).

We assist candidates in becoming reflective, collegial professionals who exercise values of social justice, collaboration, and democracy in education.  Our credential programs are designed to encompass both the practical teaching component (field practicum) and the curriculum component (coursework) allowing the opportunity to immediately implement methods and strategies. Please note that the information in the handbook is subject to change without notice.

This handbook is intended to provide an overview of the credential programs and to serve as a resource. Candidates agree to abide by the policies described in this handbook as a condition of participation in the CSUEB Credential Programs.  

Preliminary Credential 

Under California Senate Bill 2042 a multiple subject credential authorizes one to teach all subjects to a general population of students in a standard self-contained classroom in most elementary schools in California. A Single Subject credential authorizes one to teach a general population of students in a Departmentalized classroom in most middle schools and most high schools in California.

Clear Credential

Preliminary credentialed teachers have five years to complete an approved induction program to earn their clear credential. Please see CTC Information on Teacher Induction for more information.

Expectations of all CSUEB credential candidates:

  1. A minimum grade point average of 3.0 for all program coursework;
  2. Use of standard American English;
  3. Compliance with all statutory requirements of teacher credentialing by the State of California including but not limited to:
    1. Possessing all Basic Skills, Subject Matter Requirements, and 
    2. Reading Instruction Competence Assessment (RICA) requirements (Multiple Subject only)
    3. Up to date paperwork.
  4. Basic technology literacy, including;
    1. Use of GoReact video app;
    2. Use of Time2track app;
    3. Use of an e-portfolio;
  5. Exhibit the ability to successfully meet the Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs). The TPEs represent the skills all teachers must possess in order to educate all of California students.
  6. Successful teaching experience in the field; and
  7. Professional behavior at all times
    1. Adhere to the Teaching Code of Ethics (see appendix B);
    2. Exercise professional, respectful, and positive behavior;
    3. Demonstrate cooperation, collegiality, and flexibility;
    4. Receive feedback and suggestions genially; and
  8. Active participation in course and field work;
  9. Check your Horizon email daily as this email will be used for all CSUEB communication: Horizon.csueastbay.edu  (enter your net ID and password) 
  10. Check Blackboard for your course syllabi and information
  11. Maintain current contact information. Be sure to inform CSUEB’s enrollment office of any changes to their name, address, contact telephone, etc. Specific steps and forms related to student records can be found online at: Office of the Registrar. Failure to do so may impact one’s field placement and delay one’s credential.

Failure to adhere to these standards may result in dismissal.

Projected Expenses

The following table is an overview of the costs of the program. 

Projected Expenses Costs (subject to change)

Tuition & Fees (Scholarship & Financial Aid)


Certificate of Clearance




Time2track (T2T)


CSET (if needed)


CBEST (if needed)


Books and materials


RICA (multiple subject only)


Application for Preliminary Credential


Application for Intern Credential (if needed)


Constitution Course (if needed)


CPR Certification (Infant, Child, & Adult)