Internships are limited to districts that have a signed Memorandum of Understanding  with CSU East Bay. Intern credentials cannot be issued if you are working in a private school.   Candidates  employed in a private school can complete their fieldwork in such a position, but must spend 150 hours in a California public school prior to being issued their preliminary credential.

Candidates under university internship credentials are mentored by site partners, have a university supervisor, and are also evaluated by a school or a district administrator. Candidates must meet the requirements listed below before they can obtain a university internship credential. Candidates must confirm any job offers before a placement is confirmed. Enrolled candidates who desire university internship positions find their own jobs and must obtain university authorization from the credential coordinator before they are eligible to accept any job offers. University approval is not given automatically. Candidates must request an Intern Approval Form from their coordinator.  Each internship job offer is carefully evaluated to ensure that the pupils at the school site will receive a quality education and that the candidate will engage in a fruitful teaching experience. Once a candidate accepts an approved position, they may not leave or change jobs. Once a candidate is placed for student teaching, they may not leave to take an internship.

The Credential Student Service Center will require the following to recommend a candidate for an intern credential:

  1. Approval from Program Coordinator (Intern Approval Form)
  2. Documentation of 120 hours of appropriate coursework with a grade of “B” or higher in each class, have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 exclusive of: Incompletes, No Credits ;
  3. A copy of one’s District contract (or letter of Intent) with date of hire AND matching subject matter assignment;
  4. Appropriate application and fees; and
  5. Completion of Basic Skills and Subject Matter Competencies.

Interns must secure their own employment in a job that is a minimum of 60% time. An intern can work part time but must student teach if the job is less than 60% time. If an Intern secures a full time position, a minimum of 60% must be in a job that aligns with their credential goal.

The Department reserves the right to terminate any intern credentials if the District fails to uphold all conditions of the Memorandum of Understanding with the university.

School District Support

Employer Provided Mentor

The employer will appoint a mentor with an English Learner Authorization prior to an intern assuming daily teaching responsibilities. This Employer Provided Mentor will provide support that consists of observations, conferences, email and phone calls to the Intern teacher. The EPM will provide 26 hours of support, mentoring and supervision within the school day of the Intern teaching in the general education or special education classroom. Additionally, the Employer Provided Mentor will provide 10 hours of support and supervision   related to English Learners during the school day.

School Site Meetings (90 hours)

Interns will attend New Teacher Orientation, Grade Level, Department Meetings, Faculty meetings, and Professional Development Seminars provided to faculty.

Individualized Intern Plan

The University Supervisor,   Employer Provided Mentor, and the Intern shall develop the Individualized Intern Plan (IIP) during the first three weeks of the school year. The IIP will specify the support, mentoring, and supervision the Intern will receive so that the total hours of annual Support/Mentoring and Supervision equal to 144 hours plus 45 additional hours specific to the needs of English Learners. The Individualized Intern Plan Google Form will be submitted for approval to the CSU East Bay Intern Coordinator.

Intern Contract

All Interns will be required to sign a contract with CSU East Bay that specifies the responsibilities of the Intern and outlines the conditions of the MOU between CSU East Bay and the partner school district. Failure to comply with the conditions of the internship may result in the intern credential being revoked.

2nd Year Interns

Interns who have completed coursework but not the edTPA must continue to enroll in a support class if they want to remain in the classroom.

Early Program Completion Option

Early Program Completion Option for Multiple Subject and Single Subject candidates may choose to pursue the Early Program Completion Option to earn their preliminary credential. Information about the Option is provided on the CTC website: Early Program Completing Option Any candidate considering this Option must meet with the Program Coordinator to discuss the challenges the Option presents.

Academic Accommodations

CSUEB provides academic accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities. Counselors determine accommodations on an individual basis after reviewing current professional documentation and meeting with the individual. The purpose of such accommodations is to provide equal access to classroom programs and campus activities in a manner consistent with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, associated California laws and regulations, and CSU policy.  Please contact Accessibility Services for more information.