Fieldwork Overview

Overview of Fieldwork

All candidates working towards a multiple or a single subject credential in the state of California must complete 600 hours of fieldwork over two semesters while enrolled in a credential program. Student teachers are required to spend five instructional hours per day, four days per week in their placement. Candidates begin by observing the classes taught by the cooperating teacher then gradually move into team-teaching during the instructional hours. 

The placement coordinator arranges each of the traditional student teaching placements in accordance with state and university requirements. Thus, candidates are not permitted to arrange their own placements. The placement coordinator makes every effort to locate candidates’ field placements close to their residential addresses and to accommodate documented considerations. Living in an urban region, however, traditional student teachers need to be prepared to commute up to 60 minutes to their field sites.

Fieldwork Pathways
Student Teachers Interns

Meet Basic Skills Competency

Meet Subject Specific Competency

Certificate of Clearance from CTC

Official negative TB test (valid for 3 years)

Verification of up-to-date Immunizations

You may only teach in your credential area

Attend all CSUEB courses; maintain a minimum of 3.0 GPA

Document hours of fieldwork in Time2Track*

Placement coordinators will work with you on school assignments.

If you are qualified* you must find your employment and email your program coordinator.  

*Required Qualifications:

  • Significant experience in the classroom as the instructor of record (e.g. emergency credential, substitute teaching)
  • Passing of summer courses with a grade of B or better
  • Professional disposition

Once you commit to being a student teacher, you cannot switch to internship status until the semester break.

If you do not receive an offer of employment by the Friday before Labor Day weekend, you must notify the program coordinator that you need a student teaching placement. 

Solo Teaching: Required to take over instruction for 4 weeks during the program.  We recommend 10 days in the fall and 10 days in the spring. 

Standard 3 CTC 

Individualized Intern Plan (IIP): Specify support, mentoring, and supervision from internship equivalent to 144 hours of general support plus 45 additional hours specific to the needs of English Learners.

Fieldwork Calendar

During fall semester, placements begin as close to the start of the school year as possible and continue until the last day of finals week in December. During the spring semester, placements begin on the first day of the spring semester and continue until the last day of finals week in May. Candidates should stay in their placements during the CSUEB spring break. 

Candidates must also notify school site personnel and supervisors in advance of any absence from their field assignment. They must provide all instructional plans and materials to the school as required for the day.


Observation Timeline

Observation #1

Observation #2

Observation #3

Week 2-4 

Week 5-6 

Week 7-8 

*If an additional observation is needed during week 14 or 15, the Teacher Candidate's final observation #6 of their Solo Experience MUST occur during Week 16 to offer additional time for growth toward mastery of

the TPEs.

Midterm Evaluation

Week 7 or 8 

Observation #4

Observation #5

*if needed: Additional Observation

Observation #6

Week 9-11 

Week 12-13 

Week 14 or 15 

Week 15 or 16 

Final Evaluation 

Week 16

Summative Evaluation and Conference

At the end of each semester, all three parties (candidate; supervisor; and cooperating teacher or site administrator) meet to discuss the growth attained by the candidate throughout the placement. Before the conference, the university supervisor and either the cooperating teacher or site administrator each complete a Summative Field Experience Evaluation Google form that validates the candidate’s performance in the field.