Candidates are required to purchase 2 6-month subscriptions to Time2track to document hours spent in the classroom. 

Student Teacher Interns 

Direct Student Contact (400 hours)

  • Individual Instruction
  • Whole Class Instruction
  • Small Group Instruction

General Support (144 hours)

University Support:

  • Development of IIP
  • Intern Coordinator support
  • Intern seminar
  • Supervisor conference
  • Supervisor email/phone/text support
  • Supervisor observation

District Support:

  • Development of IIP
  • District New Teacher Orientation
  • District Professional Development
  • Mentor conference/meeting
  • Mentor email/phone/text support
  • Mentor helps with instructional planning, assessment, management, etc.
  • Mentor observation
  • Observation of other experienced teachers
  • School-site meetings (grade level, department, faculty)

Collaboration (200 hours)

  • Co-planning lessons with veteran practitioners
  • Co-planning lessons with veteran practitioners to meet the needs of individual students
  • Analyzing and grading work with veteran teachers
  • Reflecting on lessons with veteran teachers
  • Intentional observations of veteran teachers based on CSUEB course assignments
  • School meetings (e.g. department, grade level, PLC)

English Language Learner Support (45 hours)

  • EL Conference (school-site support)
  • EL Conference (university support)
  • EL Professional Development 
  • EL Supervisor (mentor)
  • EL Supervision (University supervisor)