Preliminary Credential Recommendation Process

For all credential programs and types, please review the Program Completion section found on Credential Student Service Center’s website to confirm the process required to APPLY for your credential. 

The CTC has instituted a policy whereby all universities are required to submit credential applications online. In the final semester of the program, candidates should remit documents required for the credential recommendation to CSSC. The issuance date for the credential will be the last day of the quarter or the last day that an outstanding item was met, whichever is later.

A valid email address and Visa or MasterCard debit/credit card is required to apply for a credential. Our office will submit your application online to CTC upon verification that all requirements have been completed. You will be notified via email by CTC for your payment and additional information. After receiving this information, CTC will issue you an electronic document for you to print. This is your official verification that you will be issued a credential, and you will not receive a hardcopy of your credential document. The official credential will be posted on the CTC website.

Note: It is your responsibility to make sure you have completed all the necessary items in order to begin the application process. Keep in mind that incomplete items will create delays in the processing of your credential. Credential Filing Application

  • The Credential Candidate Service Center will check documents, verify eligibility and recommend for the credential. Requests will be processed in the order in which they are received. Depending upon volume, it may take several weeks before your application is processed. Requests submitted with coursework in progress will be partially processed, then held. Processing will be completed at the end of the quarter when grades are posted and all requirements have been met. If additional documentation is required, you will be notified in via email or on the phone.
  • Once the Credential Candidate Service Center has submitted the online recommendation you will be emailed by CTC to complete the personal and professional fitness questionnaire and payment portions of the process. Usually, within a day, CTC will forward you a payment confirmation number. Provided there are no extenuating circumstances, CTC will send you an email confirming that the credential has been issued. You may want to print this “issuance” email for employment purposes. The web version of your document is considered the official document. It is your responsibility to confirm accuracy. Contact our office immediately if there are errors.
  • Your credential and all information relating to it will appear on the Commission website as granted once processing by CTC is complete.

When applying for employment and a prospective employer is in need of verification of a credential, a candidate may request a Letter of Good Standing from CSSC. These letters are processed along with all credential processing, so please plan carefully to meet any necessary deadlines. More information on the required steps to obtain credential verifications, including Out-of-State Verifications, are found at: Credential Student Service Center.