Strike Situation Policies

Student Teachers

If the teachers in a school district are involved in a strike, then the field experience placements in that district shall be suspended. Candidates shall no longer go to their school sites during the period of the strike. Candidates should contact the credential coordinator. If the length of the strike will make it impossible for candidates to fulfill the requirements of that field placement, they will be reassigned. In this case, field experience refers to assignments made by CSUEB. 

Interns/Student Teachers Under Contract Teaching Under Contract

Candidates teaching under emergency credentials and interns are employees of a school district. During collective bargaining, they must decide for themselves whether or not they will take part in any action, including a strike, related to their employment.

Status of CSUEB Supervisors

We ask that both teachers and administrators consider the dilemma a strike poses for our program. We need positive relationships with all parties in a school district. CSUEB supervisors will not enter schools during a strike situation.