Subject Matter Competency Information

California Education Code requires that all candidates for a teaching credential must demonstrate they are proficient in the subject matter area of their intended credential. 

See the following link from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) website for options to meet  Subject Matter Competency (SMC) 

If you have a degree major in the exact subject of the credential you are seeking, you need to upload your unofficial transcript to your Department Application showing your degree major and conferral date.

If your degree major is not an exact match to the credential you are pursuing but in a similar major (e.g. Kinesiology for Physical Education or History for Social Science) you can request an evaluation of coursework to determine if you have met Subject Matter Competency (SMC). 

Prospective Students who have a Department Application in progress/submitted may submit a  Subject Matter Competency Coursework Evaluation Request after December 1, 2022.

Deadline to request SMC Coursework Evaluation is April 1, 2023.

You need to follow the instructions below, complete the forms, and attach the required documents to be evaluated for SMC. Make sure you read the following:  

Subject Matter Competency Coursework Evaluation Request Information

In order to meet the Content Knowledge Requirements applicants/candidates must show that they completed undergraduate or graduate coursework that fulfills the Domains of the Subject Matter Requirements (SMRs) as set by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

You need to have all your transcripts and course descriptions or syllabi for reference.

Using the select form below for the subject/credential you are seeking, read the domains listed on the left. In the right-hand column, list the Course Number, title, and catalog description in which you think the domain outlined was covered. It must be a course that is listed on your transcript.

The course can be from a Community College, 4-year institution, or a graduate school. Professional development courses and coursework from Teacher Education programs cannot be included. You will likely need to list more than one course for each domain. It is possible that one course may fulfill several domains. 

To complete your SMC Coursework Evaluation Request ~

You need complete the form below for the subject/credential you are seeking, provide copies of all your transcripts (unofficial are acceptable), have a Department Application in progress/submitted, and include your $25 Department Application fee receipt with your emailed request. Copies of course descriptions or syllabi will provide the evaluator with more information. Name your transcripts with last name, first name, and school name. 

When Content Knowledge form is complete, save the document titled (last name)(first name)(Content area)(net id)2023 and send it with the required documents listed above to .

The Subject Line of the email should be “Content Knowledge (Last Name).”  These conventions must be followed for your submission to be reviewed and evaluated. 

Art Content Knowledge

Dance Content Knowledge

English Content Knowledge

Mathematics (foundational level) Content Knowledge

Mathematics (full) Content Knowledge

Multiple Subject Content Knowledge

Music Content Knowledge

Physical Education Content Knowledge

Science_ Biology Content Knowledge

Science_ Chemistry Content Knowledge

Science_ Earth and Space Science

Science_ Foundational level Content Knowledge

Science_ Physics Content Knowledge

Social Science Content Knowledge

Theatre Content Knowledge

WL: (Mandarin, Spanish) Content Knowledge

WL: American Sign Language Content Knowledge

Summer 2023 Applicants must submit an SMC Coursework Evaluation Request with the required documents by the April 1, 2023 deadline. Incomplete forms will be delayed and may be returned for resubmission. Requests submitted after the April 1, 2023 date may not be reviewed.

The results of the Evaluation will be returned to you by email and may take up to sixty days.