Senate Bill 1209 (effective January 1, 2007), requires all Single Subject and Multiple Subject candidates to pass a Teacher Performance Assessment prior to being recommended for a California Teaching Credential. California State University, East Bay administers the edTPA to meet this mandate.

CSUEB Candidates submit the edTPA Teaching Event during their final semester in the program. The Teaching event entails planning a learning segment of about one week (approximately 3-5 lessons), including learning objectives for both the curriculum content and the development of academic language related to that content. Candidates submit lesson plans, copies of instructional and assessment materials, video clip/s of their teaching, a summary of whole-class learning, and an analysis of candidate work samples. Candidates also write commentaries describing the teaching context, analyzing their teaching practices, and reflecting on what they learned about their teaching practice and candidate learning.

The edTPA is subject-specific. Single Subject candidates complete the edTPA Teaching Event in their area of specialty. Multiple Subject candidates complete the edTPA Elementary Education Teaching Event. 

edTPA is administered by Pearson. Submission fees and deadlines here: edTPA. Please select CSU East Bay for every submission so that we receive your score report.

The CSUEB Teacher Education Department provides a great deal of support to prepare candidates for success on edTPA. During the Student Teaching Seminar, candidates will be oriented and given explicit instruction for completing the edTPA. Courses include assignments designed by faculty to prepare candidates for edTPA. 

Information including subject-specific rubrics and candidate handbooks will be available through coursework. 

edTPA Policies

  1. The recommended submission for edTPA will be in April, 2022. While there are other dates for submitting edTPA to Pearson, if a candidate elects to submit edTPA at a later date the candidate takes all responsibility for any delay in the issuance of their credential. 
  2. Candidates must collect parent permission forms to video anyone in the classroom. Candidates must submit the Principal Authorization Form in their seminar class.
  3. EdTPA submissions are governed by the CSUEB academic honesty policies and policies outlined in the edTPA Candidate Handbooks .  All edTPA work must be original and completed without help (other than discussion led by your course instructors).

Remediation and Resubmission

Candidates who score below the passing standard will have the opportunity to resubmit one or more individual edTPA tasks. Candidates are responsible for all additional costs for resubmission. Candidates who need to resubmit will receive 45 minutes of  conferencing with an edTPA coordinator. Sign up with Dania Massey (Single Subject-stateside), James Mitchell (Single Subject-online), and Kelly Moore (Multiple Subject) for an advising session. At the advising session, it will be determined whether to submit one section of the edTPA or the entire portfolio. The cost payable to Pearson is $100 to submit one section, $200 to submit two sections, and $300 to resubmit the entire portfolio. Candidates must find their own classroom to teach a new unit, film a new video and submit the new portfolio. 

If additional remediation work is required candidates must enroll in a section of TED 697 for more in-depth coaching in a subsequent semester. 

Since edTPA normally occurs in spring semester major remediation and resubmission would  occur over the summer and in most cases the candidates can be recommended for a credential  before the school year begins.

In the event that a candidate is working under intern credential and has not earned a passing score they may continue to work as an intern for a period of up to one academic year provided  they enroll in and pay for the necessary course work. However, once an intern credential expires the program cannot find them a placement or support a renewal of the intern credential.