What is the East Bay Historia?

East Bay Historia is an annual publication of the California State University, East Bay (CSUEB) Department of History. It aims to provide CSUEB students with an opportunity to publish historical works and to give students the experience of being on an editorial board and creating and designing an academic journal. Issues are published at the end of each academic year.

“The experience of publishing was beneficial, exciting, and overall fun. I was able to receive feedback from the editing team that made my essay better...I plan on using their feedback in my writing moving forward.” --Adriel Valadez, author 2021


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Submission Process

Any current and former CSUEB students, regardless of major, are welcome to submit an essay for consideration. We accept essays that are historically-oriented, contain an argument, credible sources, and ample citations to support the claims. 

All essays go through a double-blind peer review process, where the editorial board will not know the author’s identity, and the author will not know the editorial board members’ identities. Using this evaluation form, the editorial board will make decisions about which essays to accept, and provide all authors with extensive feedback by late February. 

To submit, upload your essay below by February 1st. There is not a word-count requirement. We ask that you use Chicago Manual of Style footnotes in your essay. Please only submit one essay per year.

The submission process for 2023 is now CLOSED

Frequently Asked Questions

This is good for your resume, it helps you improve your writing, it makes professors notice you, etc. 

If your paper is accepted we can help you get it ready for publication.

On average we accept 10-15 essays per year. We have no quota or minimum, so it will depend on the quality of submissions.

Read over the reviews and see how you can improve the essay. We encourage students to resubmit the following year!

Info Sessions with Former Editors

Submitting an Essay

Submitting an Essay

Joining the Editorial Board

Joining the Editorial Board