Cancellation Process

Cancellation From Waitlist

To request to be removed from our waiting list, you must submit a signed written request to cancel. If you are still on the waiting list at the time you submit your cancellation, your full initial payment will be refunded to your student account.

Guidelines for Cancellation Requests After Occupancy

As a Licensee, you have signed the terms of the License Agreement, which commits you to living on campus for an indicated period of time. The CSU East Bay Student Housing Office acts as the landlord representative for the California State University; therefore, it can be difficult to cancel License Agreements. In order to cancel a License Agreement, the CSU requires verification of a significant change in your circumstances, which occurred after signing the terms of License Agreement. Documentation must be provided before a cancellation request is considered for review. The Licensee must complete a “Request to Cancel” form in addition to the documents required below. Please carefully read the enclosed information before you proceed with the License cancellation process.

Automatic Cancellations

A request to cancel for the reasons listed below will receive automatic approval upon completion of the required paperwork.

Change of Student Status

If you are graduating, withdrawing, transferring, or pursuing an internship out of the area, you may automatically cancel at the CSUEB Student Housing Office by providing the required documentation listed below. For cancellations between fall and spring semester, the CSUEB Student Housing Office will verify your student status to determine if you are enrolled for spring classes; if you are found to be in attendance at CSUEB, your cancellation is rescinded and your student account is charged accordingly.

Required Documentation:

  • Graduation – a graduation check/evaluation.
  • Withdrawal – a completed withdrawal form from the Office of the Registrar, if available.
  • Marriage – If you married since you signed your License Agreement, or have a marriage pending within four weeks, you may be approved to cancel at the CSUEB Student Housing Office. A marriage license must be presented to complete the cancellation; if it isn’t, the cancellation is reversed and your student account is charged accordingly.

Non-Automatic Cancellations

A request to cancel for reasons other than a change of student status or marriage is considered non-automatic and requires that you provide a detailed explanation and considerable documentation. Usually, the reason for a request falls into one of the following categories: medical, financial, or personal hardship. Please read the information below to best prepare your request and the required documentation. Requests will be evaluated on the documentation provided. Although approval is not guaranteed, insufficient information will result in a denied request to cancel.


Your medical condition must have significantly changed since you signed your License Agreement and prohibits you from living in on-campus housing. You must write a letter explaining your situation and also provide documentation that verifies the medical necessity for cancellation.

Required Documentation:

  • Letter from a physician with diagnosis and reason why diagnosis necessitates license cancellation.
  • Pregnancy confirmation/due date.
  • Evidence of seeing a counselor/psychologist or psychiatrist and why issue necessitates license cancellation.
  • Letter from an Accessibility Services staff member and why issue necessitates license cancellation.
  • Other supportive information at your discretion.


You must be able to demonstrate a significant financial change from the time you signed to the terms of the License Agreement. The CSUEB Student Housing Office does not cancel a license based on a student’s realization that he/she is having difficulty meeting the financial demands of living independently and paying for college. The CSUEB Student Housing Office also does not cancel a license because a parent has decided to discontinue support of his/her student’s expenses.

Other options: The CSUEB Student Housing Office will ask the student to pursue other options to meet financial obligations and will suggest the following:

  • Develop a payment plan with a Resident Account Coordinator
  • Obtain employment
  • Increase work hours
  • Apply for Financial Aid/Loan
  • Additional family assistance

Required Documentation:

In order to meet the requirements of the cancellation process, a student must present considerable documentation that clearly demonstrates the change in financial situation. Although the CSUEB Student Housing Office cannot take responsibility for determining what specific documentation should be presented a student might consider the following types of information:

  • Bankruptcy documents
  • Parents’ unemployment records; parents’ tax returns showing significant drop in income
  • Documentation regarding all sources of income and living expenses
  • Evidence of change in income

Personal Hardship

It is not unusual for students to find adjusting to college and living in a student residential community a big challenge. Whether it is finding a quiet place to study, resolving differences with a roommate, or adjusting to sharing a room, it may feel that community living isn’t working for you.

Other options: Although the CSUEB Student Housing Office understands this feeling of incompatibility, it is not a reason that can be accepted for canceling a License Agreement. Instead, a Residence Life staff member will meet with you personally to identify your concerns and assist in developing an appropriate response.

Some of the approaches that you will be asked to pursue are:

  • Speak with your Resident Assistant or Residence Life Coordinator
  • Discuss with your Residence Life Coordinator about a room/apartment change
  • Meet with one of the counselors at Counseling and Psychological Services

Required Documentation:

If a student pursues personal hardship as his/her reason for cancellation, he/she must submit the following:

  • A letter describing the hardship in detail and specific steps taken to resolve the matter
  • Supporting documentation from your Residence Life Coordinator
  • Supporting documentation from a counselor and/or medical doctor.

Submitting False Information

Students who petition to cancel and forge or knowingly provide false information and/or supporting documentation will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct, Rights, and Responsibilities for disciplinary action according to section 41301 of Title V of the California Administrative Code. In addition, the student’s request to cancel will be denied or rescinded and disciplinary sanctions may be imposed through the CSUEB disciplinary process.

Financial Obligation

Please be aware that your License Agreement is for the academic year and remains intact while your request to cancel is being reviewed. You are obligated to make all payments when due. In the event that your petition to cancel is approved, you will be billed through the date you officially check out and charged a 30-day penalty and the CSUEB cancellation fee per your License Agreement. Submitting a cancellation request and documentation does not guarantee approval. Completed Request to Cancel forms and documents will be reviewed and decisions will be provided within ten days. Those submitting a cancellation request will be informed of the appeal process, in case of denial.

For more information, please refer to the License Agreement, Section 6.2, Cancellation After Occupancy.

Cancellation and/or Charge Appeal

If the Licensee is not in agreement with the decision made by the Assignments Coordinator, the student may appeal the cancellation denial and/or charge adjustment using the following steps:

  1. A written letter of appeal must be submitted to the Director of Housing (or his/her designee) within ten (10) days after the date of the denied cancellation and/or date of the charge posting.
  2. In addition, students must submit their own appeals. Appeals wrote and submitted by an attorney will not be accepted.

The Licensee appeal will ONLY be reviewed if the following is provided.

  1. New information specifically related to the cancellation/charge that was not presented in the original request.