Campus Connector

Campus Connector

Program Overview

In the Fall of 2015, the University Housing & Residence Life Department established the Campus Connector program as a resource with dedicated University personnel. The goal was to provide students the opportunity to connect and build relationships during their first year. Research shows that many of our underserved communities and first-generation students benefit from having someone guide them through the unknown as they transition from the structured environment of high school to the independent nature of college.

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Connect Engage Transform

CONNECT Get to know the student/provide adult “mentor”
ENGAGE Help to create a sense of belonging
TRANSFORM Assist in creating a positive first-year experience

We encourage you to give it a try and sign up and assist our incoming first-year students as they navigate their transition to the college environment. 

We aim for every first-year student living on campus to be assigned to a campus connector. A campus connector may have 1-2 students assigned to them during the year and should be a faculty or staff member who:

  • Is interested in creating a sense of belonging for an incoming first-year student.
  • Able to be a resource and assist in directing the student to the right place to find the answers needed.
  • Working with them to create a roadmap so they will be able to navigate all avenues within the University.