Prospective Residents

Welcome to Pioneer Heights!

Located on the California State University, East Bay Campus, the student apartments are modern, comfortable and affordable. In a community designed to meet the needs of students, you will experience no commute, parking hassles, unexpected rent increases, or searches to replace lost roommates.

Living on Campus

Living on campus can assist you in gaining the most from your college experience. Studies have shown that students who live on campus are more likely to:

  • Be satisfied with their college experience.
  • Complete their undergraduate degree (and in less time).
  • Pursue graduate studies.

then those who live off-campus.

On-campus living provides easy access to classrooms, labs, the library, and student support programs, while also increasing interaction with professors and classmates. Communication, decision-making, and leadership skills can be strengthened through participation in campus events, programs, clubs, and organizations.

Best of all, residents have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, allowing for a mutual sharing of ideas and experiences and the establishment of lifelong friendships.

Pioneer Height Tours

University Life Encompasses Many Experiences

With the goal of providing a climate where the living atmosphere complements the educational mission of the University, the Residence Life Program is designed to be an integral part of each resident's educational experience.

Professional staff and trained Resident Assistants work together with residents to maintain a positive living environment. As a team, they develop educational, cultural, social, and leisure programs that serve to enhance academic learning.

Additional opportunities to develop leadership skills and abilities exist through participation with the On-Campus Residents Association, Program Councils, or by becoming a Resident Assistant.