Part of our University Housing Community! Once the University Housing Portal opens and you have been admitted to CSUEB and paid the enrollment fee, you may apply to live on campus.

Get Ready to Apply

  1. Have your Net ID and password
  2. Understand your meal plan options. Meal plan requirements may differ by community to offer best base plans for incoming residents.
  3. Understand and learn the important dates
  4. Understand the different occupancy types to select occupancy preferences. It is important to review options based on your designated community. Self-selection is available for all applicants who meet the general application deadline. If you do not self-select and/or apply after this deadline, you may be administratively placed.
  5. Clear any past-due balance. For returning Housing residents, clear any past-conduct tasks as assigned.
    • Students with a financial balance and/or incomplete conduct tasks may not be able to complete the contract or select a room.
  6. Be sure you are able to make the required payments* to complete your application and contract
    • $40 application fee**
    • $250 initial payment

Application and Contract Process

For your convenience, this process is completely online (Application and Contract Instructions).

  1. Application: Log on to the Student Housing Portal using your Net ID and password.
  2. Once you log on, follow the prompts through to completion.
  3. Plan ahead so you have ample time to answer inquiries accurately. Answers provided on the Roommate Matching and Living Preferences will determine best options provided to you.
  4. Contract: Once the application fee has been paid, the portal will redirect to the online contract.
    • Complete all portions of the online contract.
    • Electronically sign the contract to complete the process.
    • Note: Contract is not complete without initial payment.

*Electronic check – no service fee and if using a Credit Card – 2.75% service fee

**The application fee is non-refundable.

Applicants under 18 years of age will need parent or guardian approval prior to submitting a contract. Your parent or guardian will receive an email with a link to our database to submit approval. Once approved and submitted, the applicant can log back into the University Housing Portal to submit and complete the contract.

Should you have any questions, contact us at (510) 885-7444 or

Any of our staff will be more than happy to assist you during business hours.