This DNA Links page was originally begun during January, 2006 as an aid to students doing research for the 2006 Immigrant All! exhibition, which preceded the 2007 DNA: Cracking the Ancestor Code exhibition. After February 2007 it will be maintained only episodically.

We hope it still will be useful to visitors and we offer our apologies for its eclectic nature, the broken links that have escaped our notice, and infomation that needs to be updated.

The Great DNA Hunt 
Archaeology magazine article
Kerchner's DNA Testing & Genetic Genealogy Info and Resources Page Lots of links - personal story
Genealogy Blog
History Detectives - DNA PBS site
Genetics and Human Migration Patterns
The Human Family Tree: 10 Adams and 18 Eves 
(2000, Wade, NYT)
DNA analysis tracks Silk Road forbearers (2001) BBC News> article highlights Dr. Spencer Wells
Y-DNA work in Central Asia
The History of Men: Ghengis Khan's yDNA
Discovery Dec 2004 by Spencer Wells
Spencer Wells Lecture Real Audio (50 min)
The Journey of Man YouTube version of Spencer Well's seminal film
in nine mini-segments (120 min)
GenographicProject Announcement 30 min video
Excavating Ourselves - Results of a DNA survey of Museum of London visitors, July 2003 This study and exhibition have many similarities
to what we are creating at CSUEB.
Genetic ancestry and the search for personalized genetic histories
(Shriver & Kittles, Nature Reviews Genetics 2004)
8 page pdf - Good general review of the field
with emphasis on African American roots.
Genetics, DNA, and H ealth History summary
ALFRED: Allele Frequency Database
Glossary of Genetic Terms Clan Lindsay site
Genographic Update with Spencer Wells and Anne Gibbons
(May 10, 2007)
Streamed Broadcast on Voice of America (50 min)

A Family Tree in Every Gene by Armand Marie Leroi NY Time Op-Ed piece on race
March of the Titans - History of the White Race Very elaborate white supremacist site, which 
uses DNA data for its own purposes
Refuting Arthur Kemp's: Lies about Portugal
Race: The Reality of Human Differences
(2005, Sarich & Miele)
Book by UC Berkeley anthropologist calls the current 
view that "race does not exist" a "PC dogma."
Seeking Ancestry, and Privilege, in DNA Ties Uncovered by Tests
(NYT, 4/11/06)

Mysteries of History U. S. News site
Who were the Phoenicians National Geographic
DNA and the Book of Mormon
DNA and the Book of Mormon People
Solving the Mystery of the Neandertals Clear animation and interactive exercise showing very 
early phylogenetic split between Neandertals and us.
Recovery of Neanderthal DNA: An Evaluation This is a Creationist site.
Solving the Mystery of the Romanovs Clear animation and interactive exercise showing how 
mtDNA proves the fate of the Romanovs.
Mitochondrial DNA Analysis of the Presumptive Remains of Jesse James (2001) 4 page pdf
DNA Report Revives Czar Mystery
Stanford study questions identity of alleged Romanov bones
The Blood of the Vikings BBC site
Where is Columbus?
MSNBC article
New Evidence in Columbus Mystery
MSNBC article
Revisiting Neandertal diversity with a 100,000 year old mtDNA sequence
(2006, Orlando et al., Current Biology)
3 page pdf
IE - "In Quest of Our Linguistic Ancestors:The Elusive Origins of the Indo-Europeans"
by John V. Day
IE - Review of “In Quest of Our Linguistic Ancestors: The Elusive Origins of the IE” 
by Dienekes Pontikos
Thomas Jefferson’s Y Chromosome Belongs to a Rare European Lineage
(2007, King et al., AJPA)