CA-ALA-328, The Patterson Mound


CA-ALA-328 is located approximately one mile to the east of Coyote Hills, near Fremont, California. The site is located within the boundaries of Coyote Hills Regional Park and is protected by the East Bay Regional Park District.


The Patterson Mound has had a long history of excavation since its initial discovery and subsequent recordation by Nels Nelson in 1909. The University of California, Berkeley excavated the site first in 1935. The Berkeley excavation was then followed by students from San Francisco State University who excavated the site intermittently between the years of 1949 and 1968. Students from the California State University, East Bay, under the direction of Dr. C.E. Smith, excavated the site during the Summers of 1966, 1967,and 1968.


The CA-Ala-328 collection at CSU East Bay consists of 561 artifacts excavated during the Summers of 1966, 1967, and 1968. Click on the links to see a more detailed list

Artifact Class No. of Artifacts
Bone Tools 175
Hammerstone 118
Groundstone 94
Stone Tools 79
Antler Tools 39
Charmstones 18
Misc. Tools 11
Bone Whistles 9
Ecofacts 4
Stone Cores 4
Beads 3
Unknown 3
Pendants 2
Clay 1
Shell 1
Total 561
Artifact ClassNo. of Artifacts
Awls 64
Worked 40
Flakers 34
Serrates 22
Needles 4
Scrapers 3
Unknown 3
Tubes 2
Gouge 1
Utilized 1
Wedge 1
Total 175
Artifact ClassNo. of Artifacts
Pestles 24
Peckers 32
Mortars 13
Worked 6
Abraders 3
Unknown 2
Bowl 1
Hide Pounder 1
Milling Stone 1
Utilized 1
Total 94
Artifact ClassNo. of Artifacts
Bifaces 29
Scrapers 17
Flakes 10
Worked 10
Burins 5
Utilized 3
Awl Sharpeners 2
Gravers 2
Chopper 1
Total 79
Artifact ClassNo. of Artifacts
Flakers 26
Worked 7
Wedges 6
Total 39


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