CA-Ala-431, Agua Caliente


CA-Ala-431 is located in the foothills above Fremont adjacent to Agua Caliente Creek and within the Mission Peak Preserve of the East Bay Regional Park District. The site consists of a linear exposure of thermally altered sandstone and four bedrock mortars, each with multiple depressions.


The site was surveyed and mapped in 1982 by students enrolled in CSUEB's Field Archaeology class under the supervision of Professor George R. Miller. An auger boring program and controlled excavation in previously disturbed backfill also was conducted; neither of these programs produced any significant result. A small surface collection is curated by the C. E. Smith Museum.


Late Period (ca. A.D. 500 - 1770) of California prehistory, based on charmstone typology (one perforated charmstone may be a Middle Period exception to this rule).


A small surface collection from CA-Ala-431, consisting of 22 artifacts and 44 ecofacts, is curated at the C. E. Smith Museum:

Artifact ClassNo. of Items
Charmstone 6
Pestle 2
Obsidian biface 2
Obsidian flake 1
Chert biface 1
Scapula serrate 4
Bone awl 4
Worked bone 2


A sample of artifacts from CA-Ala-431
A sample of artifacts from CA-Ala-431