In the Shadow of Machu Picchu

Andean Life Past and present

machu pichu

Responding to popular demand in 2003, we reopened the Machu Picchu exhibition in 2004 for a closer look at the intriguing people and places that make up the Andes. At the center of the exhibition is the dynamic virtual reality tour of the ancient lost city of the Incas. The tour provides over two hundred, navigable, 360° views of the ruins allowing visitors to independently explore the natural maze-like structure of the famous city encountering buried artifacts, video scholars, archival photos, and animated Andean animals along the way.

The central gallery immerses visitor in the experience with reproductions of Machu Picchu's famous walls. Visitors can learn about Inca culture by viewing the virtual reality tour, and exploring exhibits with information pertaining to Inca religion, subsistence, architecture, and more.

2003 Reception & Interviews

Experience the musem reception and find out how students created the museum displays on Machu Picchu.

Prof. Hueso's Osteology Lesson

Learn what bones from the tombs revealed about life at Machu Picchu in this sample from the Machu Picchu Bone Interactive.

Discovering Machu Picchu