Protocol for osteology photos at CSU East Bay

Photography Process for SMA-HOT Collection Specimens

Purpose: To ensure a uniform and consistent photography process. Avoid any potential omission of specimens. Ensure all specimens within the collection are photographed.

Scope: Collection specimens located within the collection cabinet drawers labeled: Homo and black boxes labeled: Box 1, 2, and 3.


  1. Distribute empty holding trays marked Completed on the lab table.
  2. Select a drawer in the holding cabinet beginning from the top. A drawer which has been completed will be labeled on the outside as Completed. Select the next element drawer available.
  3. Place the drawer on the desk to the left of the cabinet.
  4. Select a specimen from the drawer for the photo session.
    NOTE: As some drawers have more than one element, complete all specimens of the same element before moving on to the next element. (This relates to the set up of the photo equipment)
  5. Identify the catalog number on the specimen and record it to the photo label.
  6. Conduct photo session for one specimen.
  7. Place the specimen in the holding tray marked Completed. Do not mix elements in the holding trays, i.e., humerus, tibia, clavicle, vertebrae, etc.
  8. Select next specimen from the drawer.
  9. Continue photo process until all specimens of the selected drawer are completed and residing in the holding trays.
  10. Replace all specimens from the holding trays back into the drawer, ensuring that all of the same elements are together as originally found in the drawer. Place Completed Sticker on the outside of the drawer. Return drawer to the same cabinet location.
  11. Begin next drawer following steps 2 through 10.
  12. Continue until all cabinet drawers labeled Homo, and black boxes labeled 1 through 3 have been completed.