Balangao map
  • AKA: Balangaw, Balangad, Bontoc, Baliwen
  • Location: Luzon, Mountain Province (Central Cordill-era), princ. municipality of Natonin
  • Languages: Balangaw; related to Central Cordill-era languages of Bontok/ Kalinga/Ifugao.
  • Subsistence: Terraced rice; swidden root crops; gathering
  • Population: About 7000

Judging from the extent of linguistic differentiation, the Balangao have led an existence distinct from the other Cordillera cultures for some time. They produce two rice crops a year in their terraces, supplementing this with slash-and-burn root crop agriculture, and some gathering. In most aspects a part of the general Cordillera culture, they most closely resemble the Kalinga, with whom they deal on a frequent basis, and this contact is strongly reflected in their architecture. Men and women live in separate dormitories.