Iwak map
  • AKA: Iwak, Oak, Iguat, Iwaak
  • Location: Luzon, Nueva Biscaya province; primarily in towns of Boyasyas and Kayapa.
  • Subgroups: Lal-lang ni I-Wak, Ibomanngi, Italiti, Alagot, Itangdalan, I-alsas, Iliaban, Yumanngi, Ayahas, Idangatan.
  • Subsistence: Dry taro, sweet potato, some wet rice in floodplains. Pork.
  • Population: 3,000 (1972)

The I-wak live in small fenced-in barrios within the larger communities of ethnic groups such as the Ibaloy; the fences, along with pig sties, are generally integrated into the housing architecture. Kin-based communities are organized on a religious basis around a common ritual house which promotes the sharing of meat. A personal prestige feast called padit is celebrated at least once by each adult male, for which he must raise a large herd of pigs the meat of which will be distributed to members of the community over a period of several days.