Itawis map
  • AKA: Itawit, Tawit, Ibannag-Itawit
  • Location: Luzon: southern Cagayan province in watershed of Chico and Matalag rivers. Principally in Towns of Tuguegarao, Enrile, Penablanca, Amulong, and Tuao.
  • Languages: Related to Ibanag
  • Subsistence: Paddy field rice, corn, cotton in flood plains of Pinacanauan River. Tobacco grown as cash crop between the seasons for rice and corn. Swidden agriculture in Sierra Madre foothills.
  • Population: 119,522 (1990)

The culture of the Itawis is similar to that of the Ibanag, but they tend to live away from urban centers in small settlements. They are known to have moved into the areas east and southwest of the Cagayan during colonial times.