Pangasinan map
  • AKA: Panggalatok, Pangasinense
  • Location: W. Luzon, Agno basin
  • Subsistence: Wet rice; fishing incl. crustaceans
  • Population: 1,159,176 (1990)

The Pangasinan are a very populous group living in the area to the south of Lingayan Gulf, in the fertile Agno River basin to the northeast of the Zambales range. The densest populations are near San Carlos City (117,850), Dagupan City (101,131), and Malasique (79,808). The entire area, being lush with vegetation, is a paradise for small famers; as a consequence the Pangasinans are pressed from all sides by other peoples - Sambals to the south and northwest, Tagalogs to the east, Ilokanos to the northeast. Nevertheless, their generally closed society has maintained a distinct language and culture. The Pangasinan are well known for their domestic metalcraft, especially the production of bolos, and for their fine “buri” mats.