Sulod map
  • AKA: Bukid, Bukidnon, Mundo, Putian, Monteses, Buki
  • Location: Central Panay Island
  • Languages: Central Philippine Group, Hiniraya (lowland) dialect of Kiniray-a
  • Subsistence: Swidden cultivation of upland rice, corn, root crops. Foraging and trapping.
  • Population: 14,000

The Sulod live inland in the Panay provinces of Capiz, Antique and Iloilo, with some concentrations in the villages of Tapaz, Lambunao and Valderrama. These agricultualists are frequently on the move, fields being shifted every two years and left fallow for at least five before reuse. Settlements consist of a few houses led by and old wise man called parankuton, who is assisted by a younger man called timbang. Both positions are achieved. There are many religious rites, including 16 major ones led by a baylan. The Sulod are widely known for their extensive epics which are committed to memory, including the Labaw Dunggon.