• Location: Islands near tip of Zamboanga peninsula, Mindanao
  • Languages: Sama related
  • Subsistence: Upland rice, copra
  • Population: 119,865 (1990)

The Yakan inhabit Basilan Island off the southern tip of Zamboanga, and Sakol, Malanipa and Tumalutab Islands to its east. The greatest concentration is on Basilan, especially in the towns of Tipo-Tipo, Lamita, Sumisip, and Tuburan. Although linguistically the Yakan are related to the Sama, they generally have a land- rather than sea-oriented culture. Islam is spiced with syncretic elements from indigenous beliefs. The Yakan are famous for their elaborate "unisex" costumery featuring a 15-meter red sash called the kandit. Textile weaving using back strap looms features intricate and beautiful motifs, and is is much sought after.